Wuzhen International Camping (乌镇国际露营地)

This is the first trip we head out with motor-home. Challenges not only on renting the RV but also driving the RV on road in China for the first time. Now afterward thinking it was not bad at all and we did not have any issues. Traffic on the highways in China is quite safe during day time but I would personally avoid driving at night time. Especially avoid the heavy trucks. Why don’t the slower ones keep on the right side? That’s one of the biggest questions and making the takeovers dangerous.

Below are links for the camping-site for navigation

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Google Maps Wuzhen International camping

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Baidu Maps 乌镇国际露营地

Check the rating of camping ground in the end

First, stop at the gasoline station for some snacks. It is a standard local gas station on the highway. Huge place but quite empty because of the time. This is the insufficiency of highway service, The Western style of stations are normally packed with a vast amount of snacks, coffee, and so on.
BUT our next trip to Nanjing will take you to experience China¨s best highway service center.


We were very late when arrived at the campsite, the camp administrator leave the gate open for us to enter freely at date 2020/08/18

  • No Green health code
  • No passport
  • No nucleic test
  • Nobody at camping 🙂
At gate Wuzheng camping Gates of hell :)

My wife is at the gate trying to open it. This is our first trip and the first campsite visited in China and did not get any good impression of it. No lights, no one inside or outside. I can see thru the gate also very muddy and afraid of getting stuck there.

The gate was locked and the campsite was in total darkness. Almost scary as nobody was there and pitch black. Looking thru the gates I could see some very muddy tracks and immediately worried about getting stuck. After some consideration, we drove in and found a concrete pad to park on. There were available electricity and water but our cable only had 10A which doe not fit the 16A on the electrical pole. This is also a reminder that many things in China are not following specific regulations. Noticed there was also another type of 16A socket. Also, for example, the towing hook in China I have seen so many different versions, different sizes of the ball, or it can be some sort of mooring hook.

Breakfast was easily done with the gas cooker, this RV did not have any internal electrical or gas cooking facilities. Anyway, it was nice weather, even with a shower here and there. We always take our camping table and chairs with us, as sometimes they are not included in the renting list. Breakfast was simple but tasty.

Few construction works are going on in the area., looks like adventure activities for the kids. We found very narrow railroad tracks in the area, later on, we knew it is a mini train track. The administrator offer us a free ride to compensate for the poor experience of the previous night beside a bucket of clean water and biscuits :), they are very friendly and nice, cope well with our curiosity. Close by is an area where you can rent a fixed camper van as a hotel room.

Studying on the road in Wuzhen
Studying will continue even on holiday



  • There is a placement for the motor-home including electricity (16A) and water tap
  • Overall cleanliness is good on the camping ground
  • Staff, when they came in the morning were friendly and helpful
  • Future improvement might raise the star level to three
  • The toilets and shower area clean with hot water
  • Maybe an additional star can be added when 2021 the construction works outside the camping area itself are ready, climbing area, mud racing with quad bikes.


  • During off-peak lack of services
  • No convenient store or restaurants close-by.
  • Inside the camping area no recreation for children
  • The grassland easily gets muddy and stuck the car
  • No BBQ place
  • Outside areas not ready, climbing place + mud racing. Maybe ready year 2021
  • Safety of electrical equipment
  • No existing web page available, don’t know how my wife found it 🙂

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