Drive-thru mountains to reach Huangling -Scenic area-Road trip | Easter 2021| Day 4

The next one was an amazing place, but we were too late to see the yellow flowers bloom.

No good campsite in proximity, so we did some boon-docking at the parking lot

In the morning, we had breakfast at 36 County Rural Resort Hotel camping, but as the weekend passed, there was no buffet. Anyway, it was plenty to start the day with. We filled the water tanks from the newly built water tap and were good to go. Drive-thru mountains to reach Huangling. During the drive, I made a mistake by missing the turn at the crossing, and we missed the big road. I’m pleased about it. The GPS recalculated the road, and we took a tiny winding road over the mountains. Many times questioned our decision about where this road ended. I tried to fly my drone there, but it refused, and I don’t understand why.

To some farmers, bamboo fields on the top of the mountain? The scenery was magnificent when the mountain reached the top, and GPS said the elevation was 750m. On our drive-thru mountains to reach Huangling Road trip, we were very happy to see this magnificent scenery. On the way, the road went through many small villages and got narrower with nasty 180-degree curves. Balconies of the houses near the street reached out on the road, + the cables were hanging lower and lower. On the top point, I tried to fly my drone, but it refused, and I don’t understand why. I suspect it is some aviation regulation, or the setting for the drone is maxed at 500m. Where does it calculate it from? sea-level or start of flying point?

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Below are the links for the peak at the mountain at 750m, where we stopped for a short time. You can see how serpentine the road is from the map.

The serpentine road over the Hushan Mountain Road G237

Driving on a small serpentine road at 750m altitude to reach the destination
Road G237 to Hushan Mountain

The road was like a snake when passing the mountains to Huangling. The higher we got, the narrower the road was. But it was 100% worth it in the end. This is the peak at 750m up in the mountains. Take this road instead of the highway if you want a small adventure.

Curly road to reach the destination
Curly roads on the way

We arrived at the parking at the foot of Huangling Mountain and checked out for a parking space at the lot. No camping sites are nearby, so we decided to boon-docking at the parking area. Other campers had the same idea; maybe four other families stayed there overnight. Ample parking lots and service stations are the safest choices when no other place is available.

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